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When the world is spinning out of control with antisemitism

Interview with Jobst Bittner: Antisemitism. Jew-hatred. It's easy to point the finger to the Muslim world, the pro-Palestine crowd, en even to Christians that subscribe to replacement theology. But is there antisemitism in our own hearts? How can we break the veil of silence over our lives and families, and experience in our own lives?

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Remembering the Holocaust in the Wake of the Hamas Genocide 

Jobst Bittner is a guest on "Inspiration from Zion by Jonathan Feldstein of Charisma Podcast Network" and talks about the German responsibility for the crimes of their parents and grandparents just a few generations ago. In the week when the world commemorates International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and after the massacre of the largest number of Jews in one day since the Holocaust, hear how he has taken a leading role in global reconciliation and the fight against anti-Semitism, and what it will take for Palestinian Arabs to break with their evil past.

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Bibelpodcast mit Jobst Bittner

Jobst Bittner & Micha Stumpp reden in zwei Folgen über die Vollmacht der ersten Gemeinde und über die Bedeutsamkeit von Buße.

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Radiointerview beim ERF

ERF-Beitrag "80 Jahre Warschauer Ghettoaufstand" mit Interview von Jobst Bittner zum Thema "Märsche des Lebens“ gegen Antisemitismus"

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Radical Lifestyle Podcast

Andrew Kirk und Jobst Bittner sprechen im "Radical Lifestyle Podcast" über die Decke des Schweigens und warum es wichtig ist, aus der Geschichte zu lernen und sich gegen den zunehmenden Antisemitismus zu stellen.

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